3D Printing Materials Manufacturer

We are a team who believes in the enormous potential of 3D printing and driving the world of additive manufacturing.

We produce

We produce a wide range of materials for 3D printing. We are constantly evolving and committed not just to producing, but creating reasonable materials for your needs.
We help our clients choose the best for their 3D experience and create unique 3D objects.

We care

We care about 3D printing being essential for manufacturers, beneficial for designers and educators, and inspiring for makers. We care for everyone who drives the 3D world.

We support everyone in getting the perfect results.

We support everyone in getting the perfect result. We help get the best printing options for your printer and specific model geometry.

Your 3D printing is the core.

Your 3D printing is the core. You need high quality and cost-effective 3D prints, and this is namely what we do.

Free tests before printing.

Free tests before printing. Determine your printing options before printing. We give free tests for all printing.

We deliver Plexiwire all over the world.

We deliver Plexiwire all over the world. Our goal is to supply you with Plexiwire, no matter where you are.

Our production process

Plexiwire is 3D materials supplier from East Europe. We are small and energetic company who believe in the huge potential of 3D Printing Technology.
Our mission is to help you to turn your idea into the shape.

Raw materials

We cooperate with the TOP polymer providers such as Basf, Natural Works, and Corbion. Each party has a certificate of analysis and all relevant guarantees of material properties.

Production process

Each Plexiwire piece is produced actively according to technical production conditions. Production parameters are carried out according to the principle of civil aviation pilot work.

Accurate Packing

We make sure you receive precisely the amount of materials indicated on the Plexiwire piece. We also add materials for free 3D test prints, just for you.

Rational Packaging

We always follow the principle of “3D printing is the core.” Therefore, our packaging does not increase the production cost, is safe for transportation, and can be recycled.