Plexiwire filament


PLA is the standard biodegradable polymer. Plexiwire manufactures PLA in 1.75mm diameter. The filament is available in 8 colors and a variety of fills.

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PETG is an excellent choice for various 3D printing applications in multiple industries. The material is available for beginners as well as professionals. The most popular colors are available in PETG from Plexiwire.

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ABS is a classic printing material. Excellent for general printing as well as for professional applications. It meets all industry standards. Plexiwire manufactures ABS filaments in 1.75mm diameter, in a wide range of colors, and in different packing sizes to suit all needs.

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ABS+ is a modified ABS plastic for more demanding 3D printing applications. A special additive added by Plexiwire to ABS plastic helps to solve shrinkage problems, improves adhesion of the first layer to the table, and general interlayer adhesion makes ABS plastic less fragile.

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Nylon - the choice for professional printing. It is the plastic for professional-level functional tasks. This polymer's declared properties are fully realized in Nylon by Plexiwire. This filament is your indispensable assistant in engineering projects.

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Flex is a thermal polyurethane for 3D printing—all the properties of polyurethanes - elasticity, high elongation percentage, and chemical resistance. Flex from Plexiwire is excellent for all tasks related to flexible printing models.

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Welcome to Plexiwire Filaments! Here you will learn about our FDM 3D printing products, our range of colors and packaging, and how to choose the suitable filament for your application. With our assortment, everyone can become a 3D printing professional without leaving the comfort of their home.

Plexiwire principles:

  • All our filaments are designed for 3D printers that use the FDM or FFF method and are open to user customization.
  • All Plexiwire filament spools are made of cardboard, allowing you to quickly dispose of them after using the filament.
  • Each Plexiwire filament spool is packaged to standard for maximum protection during shipping.
  • Five meters of filament are added to each reel of Plexiwire to help you customize your printing options without wasting meters on your project.
  • All Plexiwire filaments have the appropriate SDS certifications confirming material grade and usage guidelines.
  • Each Plexiwire filament includes recommendations for use, storage, and features that can be useful for many non-standard printing cases.

General introduction:

  • Plexiwire ABS is an engineering plastic that can withstand significant stress. At the same time, it is pretty easy to print, making it suitable for both beginners and 3D printing professionals. Check out these tips to help you correctly set up your printing process and get optimal results.
  • Plexiwire ABS+ is an improved version of the well-known ABS filament. In Plexiwire ABS+, the adhesion and shrinkage properties have been optimized, which significantly reduces the risk of deformation. Thus, it can print even large objects up to 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 meters without problems while using open printer models. While retaining the strength characteristics of standard ABS, we have increased the wear resistance and reduced the brittleness of ABS+, making it ideal for components that are regularly stressed or function in moving systems.
  • Plexiwire PLA holds a special place among popular 3D printing materials. What sets this material apart is that it is eco-friendly and completely non-toxic, making it ideal for basic tasks such as model and prototyping. This plastic is biodegradable because it is derived from natural plant components such as corn. No harmful fumes or pungent odors are emitted during the printing process. This plastic is easy to use and adaptable, making it an excellent choice for 3D printing novices and young researchers taking their first steps in the filament world. However, it should not be considered material only for beginners. Many experienced designers and engineers appreciate PLA's ability to reproduce detailed objects with a smooth surface. While it is not as strong as ABS, it is still stable enough to create accurate products that can withstand sufficient stress. This performance is possible due to excellent adhesion between layers and negligible shrinkage upon cooling. In addition, due to these properties, printing can be done on tables without a heating system.
  • Plexiwire PETG is an excellent choice for 3D printing and only strengthens its position among popular materials over time. With the proper setup parameters, working with PETG filament becomes remarkably easy. It features excellent adhesion between layers, minimal odor, and no toxic emissions. In addition, thanks to its low shrinkage, it offers high print accuracy and the ability to create large objects. PETG is characterized by outstanding strength and chemical resistance, making it suitable for parts resistant to high temperatures, safe for food contact, or needed in situations where increased strength is required. This material is UV resistant and non-biodegradable, making it ideal for outdoor applications. Many consider it a harmonious combination of PLA and ABS: you get the benefits of ABS in strength and precision but with the ease of printing that PLA offers.
  • Plexiwire NYLON is an engineering material that meets all standards and requirements in fabricating highly stressed and complex structures. It is characterized by remarkable strength and enhanced resistance to temperature fluctuations and chemicals. A unique feature is its outstanding antifriction properties. At the same time, it is easy to machine, which brings it closer to metals in terms of properties. Products made of this material are characterized by durability due to their exceptional physical and chemical characteristics.
  • Plexiwire Flex is a unique filament designed for 3D printing applications with high flexibility and stability requirements. The main characteristic of Plexiwire FLEX filament is its flexibility and resistance to bending, stretching, and friction. In addition, this plastic stands out on its excellent adhesion, minimal shrinkage, and resistance to chemically active substances such as oils, greases, and solvents. The material functions in the temperature range from -40°C to +70°C, and the objects made of it can increase in size 2-3 times while maintaining their original characteristics.

Each filament spool is thoroughly tested to ensure that it meets our quality standards, giving consistency and predictability in your printing process. We also provide recommendations on the optimal print settings for each type of filament, giving you all the tools you need to achieve professional results. Your dreams and projects deserve the best, and our filaments ensure that every part looks and functions as you envisioned.