Plexiwire CF

Plexiwire filament ABS CF10


ABS filament CF10 is a combination of standard ABS with the addition of carbon fibers. This 3d printer filament has increased tensile and compressive strength due to its 10% carbon fiber content. The excellent adhesion between layers makes it ideal for creating parts with high precision and durability. The carbon fibers ensure the stability of the product geometry by reducing thermal expansion and preventing deformation. ABS CF10 is a great choice for engineering and industrial applications, ideal for both professionals and beginners in 3D printing.

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Plexiwire filament PETG CF10


Plexiwire PETG CF10 is a PETG filament with a 10% carbon fiber additive, merging the reliability of PETG with carbon's distinct attributes. This material surpasses standard PETG by 25% in strength, making it indispensable for intricate engineering endeavors. Carbon fibers reinforce the composite and ensure excellent layer adhesion, enhancing the finished product's resilience against delamination. Compared to regular PETG, PETG CF10 exhibits a reduced shrinkage rate and ensures high part precision. A hallmark of this filament is its specific post-print texture, divergent from non-filled materials. Ultimately, Plexiwire PETG CF10 delivers the optimal balance between strength, longevity, and 3D printing excellence.

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Plexiwire filament PLA CF10


Plexiwire PLA CF10 is a 10% carbon fiber filament that combines PLA's strength with carbon's enhanced characteristics. This material is 25% stronger than regular PLA, making it ideal for complex engineering and functional printing applications. Carbon fibers reinforce the material and provide excellent adhesion between layers, making products resistant to separation and peeling. Unlike standard PLA, PLA CF10 exhibits lower shrinkage and improved brittleness characteristics, making it less brittle than standard PLA. What makes this filament special is its unique surface texture after printing, allowing it to be used for various designs. Thus, Plexiwire PLA CF10 is an excellent choice for professionals looking for a combination of strength, durability, high quality in 3D printing, and unique design.

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Plexiwire filament NYLON CF10

Nylon CF 10

Nylon CF10 is an engineered 3D printing filament based on polyamide 6 (PA6) with the addition of 10% chopped carbon fiber. This combination makes products created with Nylon CF10 up to 25% stronger than standard nylon. The carbon fiber gives parts not only added strength, but also stiffness, and provides a reduction in weight while maintaining high performance. Due to its unique properties, this filament is even compared to some non-ferrous metals, yet it is significantly lighter. These features make Nylon CF10 an excellent choice for creating parts and components in aircraft, automotive, robotics and other high-tech industries. Its low weight, combined with its strength, extends its versatility, making it an indispensable material for today's 3D printing technologies.

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Today's 3D printing industry utilizes extensive materials to meet various technical and decorative needs. One of the leading innovations is using composite materials filled with chopped carbon fiber. Such filling significantly improves the base polymers' physical and mechanical characteristics.

The primary materials that have found application in 3D printing and are successfully combined with carbon fiber filler include Nylon (polyamide), ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), PETG (polyethylene terephthalate with glycol), and PLA (polylactide)—filler percentages in the typical range from 10 to 30 percent. Carbon-filled materials are characterized by high strength, stiffness, resistance to wear and tear, and lightness. Because of these properties, they find applications in aircraft, automotive, sports equipment, and other industries that require high-strength, lightweight parts.

Plexiwire's carbon filament lineup features the following materials:

Plexiwire ABS CF10 represents a cutting-edge solution in the world of 3D printing: It is an ABS filament enriched with 10% chopped carbon fiber. This advanced composition provides excellent tensile and compressive strength, outperforming traditional ABS materials. Key characteristics include excellent adhesion and significantly reduced shrinkage, making it ideal for accurate and reliable prototypes.
Applications for Plexiwire ABS CF10 are wide-ranging, from creating parts for mechanical engineering to consumer electronics. Its stability and durability make it an excellent choice for developing products subjected to mechanical stress. For user convenience, Plexiwire ABS CF10 is available in two spool sizes: 100 and 200 meters of filament, allowing you to choose the best option for different projects. The latest innovations and reliability are in every Plexiwire spool!

Plexiwire PLA CF10 is an advanced 3D printing material that combines environmentally friendly PLA with 10% chopped carbon fiber. This combination results in higher tensile and compressive strength than standard PLA. It is ideal for functional printing, providing excellent durability and reliability.
The applications for Plexiwire PLA CF10 are multifaceted, from producing complex parts and components to creating sustainable consumer products. This material enables tasks that require PLA precision and carbon fiber's enhanced strength. Plexiwire PLA CF10 is available on spools in two sizes, 100 and 200 meters, allowing for easy selection depending on the scope and specifics of the project. High quality is guaranteed with every Plexiwire spool!

Plexiwire PETG CF10 is an advanced 3D printing material that combines the benefits of PETG with 10% chopped carbon fiber. This combination significantly improves tensile and compressive strength, making this filament ideal for functional printing and projects with high mechanical performance requirements. Applications for Plexiwire PETG CF10 are wide and varied, from making solid and durable machine and device parts to creating unique consumer products and decorative elements.
To maximize user convenience, Plexiwire PETG CF10 filament is available in two spool types, 100 and 200 meters, providing flexibility of choice depending on the specific needs and scope of the project. High quality and excellent performance are guaranteed with every Plexiwire spool!

Plexiwire Nylon CF10 is a quality 3D printing material that combines the vital characteristics of nylon with the addition of 10% chopped carbon fiber. This combination provides outstanding tensile and compressive strength, high adhesion, and reduced shrinkage after printing. Plexiwire Nylon CF10 is particularly valuable in the industrial sector, where parts with high abrasion and chemical resistance are required. Due to its unique properties, this filament is ideal for creating durable components that operate in high-stress environments.
Plexiwire Nylon CF10 filament is available on convenient spools in 100 and 200 meters, allowing you to optimize your choice depending on the size of your project. With every spool of Plexiwire, you get guaranteed quality and reliability in realizing your ideas.